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Learn about our efforts and the positive impact of Georgia community hospitals

We are a community of Georgia public and not-for-profit hospitals, businesses, associations and residents focused on the health and well-being of all Georgians. The Georgia Alliance for Community Hospitals is dedicated to securing the ability of our community hospitals to fulfill their primary mission of putting patients’ health first and continuing to allow our hospitals to provide care where it’s needed most. Our community recognizes that emergency rooms should be based on where they will make the biggest difference, not where they will make the most money.

The Alliance’s focus includes:

Putting you and your care first.

  • If you walk through our doors, we’ll never turn you away, no matter who you are or what you can pay.
  • Community hospitals re-invest every dollar they make into its staff, facilities, research, training, and technology.

Keeping emergency care close.

  • Emergency care only works if you can reach it in an emergency. Minutes or hours can make all the difference.
  • Community health systems were built to make sure that wherever you are in Georgia, emergency care is nearby.

Caring for the community as a whole.

  • Community hospitals offer care that goes beyond the walls of our facilities. They provide millions of dollars in free education, treatments, and screenings for chronic diseases.
  • Each hospital builds local partnerships, like putting doctors on sidelines for high school football games.

With your help, the Georgia Alliance for Community Hospitals will educate policymakers on the positive impact community hospitals have on Georgians across the state and protect their access to health care.

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