COVID-19 Update

How Georgia Community Hospitals Are Responding To The Threat

Statement from the Georgia Alliance for Community Hospitals on COVID-19 Preparedness

The Georgia Alliance for Community Hospitals is dedicated to furthering the ability of our local community hospitals to optimally serve all Georgians.

As we continue to track the numbers of confirmed and presumed novel corona virus (COVID-19) cases across the state, we want to provide assurances that Georgia’s not-for-profit community hospitals are proactively taking strides to ensure the proper care and health of patients. Not only are we coordinating with and relying on guidelines from federal and state agencies, we are collaborating with one another across our 100 facilities to quickly and efficiently share information and otherwise assist each other with preparedness, response, and mitigation activities related to COVID-19. This collaboration is designed to improve care delivery and help reduce hospital costs associated with responding to COVID-19, particularly for smaller rural hospitals that are not affiliated with larger health systems.

If you need help finding the location of your nearest community hospital, visit the member hospital page provided by the Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals. This is a useful tool in locating your nearest hospital and allows you to view the specific measures your hospital is taking to ensure the safety and health of you and your community.

Please also refer to the below resources for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The World Health Organization
The Georgia Department of Public Health

Our community hospitals recognize that they serve as the lifeline of many communities and are at the front lines of addressing this public health threat.  That is why they are working around the clock to be prepared to respond to the health needs of all Georgians who present to our hospitals for care.

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