Non-Profit Status

Keeping patients' medical needs first

A community hospital’s not-for-profit status is key to ensuring that our focus remains on you and your medical needs. This means that our hospitals are not obligated to shareholders or an individual, and instead are required to reinvest everything back into the hospital for new equipment, training and educating staff, and bettering its operations. By keeping our focus on our patients, we’re able to create better outcomes for anyone who walks through our door.

Our hospitals are held accountable to their non-profit status by the health benefits they provide to the community beyond free care. These benefits generally include:

  • Community health improvement services
  • Health professions education
  • Subsidized health services
  • Research
  • Cash and in-kind contributions to community groups

It is critical for community hospitals to maintain their non-profit status and continue to focus on the needs of the patient, not the needs of Wall Street.

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